About health pass (EU Digital COVID Certificate)

We indicate the continuation of the Rayonnantes event.

In these times of important social mobilisation against the health pass, we want to mark our opposition to this liberticidal measure. We bring our solidarity to these movements in struggle, as well as to the events which have a clear position against this measure, or which are tinkering in spite of it to subsist without applying them.

The health pass has no health-related role but is only intended to be liberticidal, especially coming from a government that spends its time closing down health care facilities and thinks that the use of police forces and weapons can have a health role.

The current measures have dramatic consequences

  • the digitisation of the population and the strengthening of control measures.
  • accept that event organisers and many agents can scan us
  • the obligation to cancel many events that cannot / will not apply these control measures. Thus the Bure’lesques event had to be postponed for this year. This means a decrease in the space for political protest organisations.
  • the reinforcement of inequalities in access to public places. Undocumented migrants are at the heart of this law, as well as precarious populations who have difficulty accessing health care.

Also, a little useful information at all times: the police cannot check your health pass on the public street.

The struggle against the nuclear state and the desire to bury nuclear waste in order to prolong this energy choice is also an anti-authoritarian struggle.
The struggle against the authoritarian state must also be an anti-fascist struggle and against the far right.
Taking a stand against the authoritarian order of the health pass, is not to take a stand on the subject of the vaccine nor to deny the reality of the epidemic (on this subject, we prefer that people who come consult our COVID protocol set up for the camp).