The programme on the camp

Section under construction, more information soon.

This big week is dedicated to the anti-nuclear struggle and against its world. We will talk about :
– struggles against nuclear power and its world, especially against CIGEO, the project to bury nuclear waste in Bure.
– energy and climate justice
– struggles against systemic oppressions

Thematic spaces

There will be permanent thematic spaces on the camp:
– A space where you can come and give information about your collective, hold a press table about a struggle that is important to you. If you feel like it, come with your documentation.
– A space on the decolonial and anti-racist issues of nuclear power, ecology and our struggles.
– A space on nuclear power, CIGEO and the local struggle.

You too can bring documentation, posters, podcasts, films, books, etc.
These spaces are mixed, but it will also be possible to allocate moments in chosen mixities.
There will also be chosen mixities chill out spaces on the camp where the people concerned can programme what they want.
There is plenty of time slots in the programme for self-organised programming. Come with a workshop proposal! (More information on self-organised programming in the welcome booklet)
Workshops have also been planned in advance.
All the info is in the upcoming programme!

What’s going on with nuk’ power?

There are plenty of workshops on nuclear power. You will be able to learn about the public utility request (DUP), get information about the nuclear revival policy (Hercules, EPR and CIGEO), about transport, about waste and discharges from the nuclear industry, but also about the history of the struggles against these projects!

Wednesday the 18th will focus on the local struggle against CIGEO, the land grab and the tools to fight. You can also learn about living in this area, and there will even be visits to the surrounding area, if you ever want to settle in the area. And then there will be stories about the history of the struggle here. We’ll meet local farmers who have been expropriated by Andra and we’ll help them in their fields.

And then, there will be some General Assemblies of the struggle, to discuss together what we want to do here and to continue the struggle with even more people.
We will also say things about the nuclear disasters and especially about Fukushima.

Nuclear power is primarily a french imperialist project and there will be information on colonial nuclear power. If the connection is good, we should be able to link up with people from there. We’ll talk about the land grab for uranium mines in Niger and the amount of radioactive waste that is piling up there; about the nuclear tests at Mururoa and the failure to acknowledge the consequences. And also about Algeria, where the French government still refuses to say where the waste is buried, leaving huge areas uninhabitable and populations in danger.

And are we going to talk about energy and climate?

Full steam ahead! We’ll talk about land grabs in Mexico for EDF wind projects, about support for the fight against the electric order. We can discuss the challenges of renewable energy and the huge european energy transport networks.
We will also talk about nuclear power and climate (for those who still doubt that nuclear power will not save the climate).

What about systemic struggles?

The fight against systemic oppressions is transversal to the whole camp.
We offer workshops in chosen mixities that allow for empowerment and rest of the confronting space that is the rest of the camp. We offer pedagogical workshops to raise awareness and deconstruct systemically oppressive people.
We’ll do our best to make sure that the people concerned also feel the energy to propose moments of pedagogy in mixity or chosen mixities. We’re a lot of queer people, so we’re concocting some cool stuff in chosen mixity or not to destroy the cisheteropatriarchy. There is still a majority of white people here, so we offer workshops on whiteness (led by white people but thought with the complicity of non-white people) and a permanent space dedicated to racism, colonialism and poor neighbourhoods especially on ecological issues.On validism and the intersection with other oppressions, we should have a big talk where only affected people will testify and discuss. There are also times for discussions according to the needs about the camp, ecology or life organised in chosen mixity that are planned, and others that can be planned by the people concerned. There will also be animated lectures on racism and validism (and then also on nuclear power). We are also building a time on classism and class struggle.
On these subjects, there’s no need to wait for the self-organised programation: if you have proposals (workshops, people or groups) or even needs of workshops to feel comfortable to come, don’t hesitate to write us at coucoulaprogra [at]

What about other struggles?

Because it’s far from nuclear, there will also be workshops on ecological issues related to mining and extractivism; on industrial hazards; and on water struggles in Vittel, which exploits the same water table that is under Bure. There will also be a time for discussion between struggles to present our agendas and express our needs for support and to create connections. It would be nice if there were proposals on border struggles, anti-prison, anti-authoritarian and other anti-everything in the self-organised programme!

At Bure, it seems that repression is a hot topic.

Every day, there will be a legal briefing in the big tent to educate you about repression in the Bure context and about the camp. People will be there to answer all your questions. There is also a big anti-repression game that will be played several times during the first week to learn about your rights, how to protect yourself, who the actors of repression are, etc. You will also be able to learn about digital security and say hello to life in encryption.

And all we’re going to do is think about smart things?

Certainly not! Certainly not! We will spend time talking, meeting new people, organising ourselves into affinity groups and critiquing the camp. We’ll also prepare for big surprises, learn to move collectively, form affinity groups, discuss our fears and needs in a given context. We will also build structures, maybe things on wheels, big flags, puppets, we will make a fanzine, self-media. There will also be shows, concerts, party, traditional dances, film screenings, big parties, massages, self-defence, ….
Detailed programme :
In the process of being finalised
Radio programme

There will be radio during the camp. In the evening everyone will be able to propose / make live music on the radio, and during the day there will be free slots to propose programmes.

If you want to prepare a programme beforehand to bring to the camp to broadcast, don’t hesitate, you can see directly with the people of the radio during the broadcasting.