Legal briefing

This section will be completed soon, don’t hesitate to visit it again later. In the context of events related to the fight against Cigéo, there is always a strong surveillance / police presence. We want to stay vigilant and we’ll share information about the police presence in the area, if there are administrative orders, etc.

In the meantime, you can find the general legal briefing regarding Bure and its surroundings on

• English version – June 2019 (old version)
• Legal briefing about Bure and its surroundings – French booklet version (double-sided printing) – February 2020
French version – June 2019
• Italian version – June 2019
• German version – June 2019

Legal number : 07 78 86 02 88 (do not give personal information concerning yourself when phoning this number)

Infotraflics (info about cops)

This section is not updated in real time.
If you want the last infos, you can call or send a text message to the infotraflic phone: +33 07 48 54 69 80

  • Tuesday 27 July

No road control according to us, police vans circulate but not more than usual, the 1st turn of police helicopter turns a good half hour around the places of opponents of Meuse in the early afternoon.

  • Friday 6 August

The police helicopter flew over La Gare for about 10 minutes before flying over other opposition places. The helicopter was low enough to be able to take pictures.

  • Sunday 8 August

Prefectural decree prohibiting all unauthorized festive gatherings of a musical nature throughout the department from August 9 to 27. This decree prohibits on the whole department the circulation of vehicles transporting sound equipment to unauthorized festive gatherings of a musical nature from August 10th to 20th included. The theoretical penalty is a fifth class fine (1500e) and the confiscation of the equipment. No order in Haute-Marne for the moment. Read the prefectural decree here in French

  • Saturday 14 August

Prefectural decree (read it here in French) prohibiting from August 16 to 25 :

– the transport and carrying of fireworks and pyrotechnic articles as well as any device for launching these products.
– the purchase or transport of fuels, gas pedals, combustibles, acids, chemicals and used tires.
– the transportation of aerosol paint.
– Carrying or transporting objects that could be used as weapons.
– Transporting combustible materials (beams, straw, wood) and building materials without a legitimate reason.
– Consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads.
– Carrying and using sound equipment, sound systems and amplifiers

Another order prohibits unmanned aircraft from flying over the area from August 20 to 24.

The police helicopter flew twice during the last five days

  • Sunday 15 :

Fixed police controls at the entrance to Mandres from the train station and between Mandres and Bure in the early evening

  • Monday 16 :

Flying police controls (drivers) at the entrance and exit of the following villages: Mandres, Biencourt, Luméville

  • Tuesday 17:

Control of license plates and insurance badges of cars parked at the west parking lot.

3pm: Gendarmerie controls in Bar-le-Duc

00h43: controls between Mandres and Bure. No requisitions.

  • Thursday 19

The PSIG (a division of the Gendarmerie Nationale ) has been to the west parking twice during the day and is checking the license plates and insurance of cars. Don’t forget to hide your license plates and insurance badges (as a reminder, the parking lot is on private land). They have already been pushed back once.