Get involved

Before the camp

Spread the word

You can print / distribute the camp’s flyers and posters, which you can find here.

Help with translation

There’s a lot of content that needs to be translated (the website, the welcome booklet, movie subtitles, etc.). We are particularly looking for help translating content in English, German and Italian, but also Castilian*. If you can help with that, send an e-mail to: passion-traduction (at) riseup [dot] net. Here’s the PGP key if needed.

* Castilian: official language in the Spanish state – as other languages like Catalan are spoken in Spain, we prefer not to use the generic term “Spanish”.

Camp set-up

If you would like to participate in the set-up of the camp, which will take place from the 9th to the 16th, you are very, very welcome! You can start by filling in the pre-registration form which is here.

What will the camp set-up be like?

  • everyone will sleep in tents
  • there will be a collective canteen, with teams making/serving food/washing/ranging in rotation
  • there will probably be newcomer welcome meetings every day
  • there will be translation for non-French speakers
  • there will be meetings to divide up the work to be done and for everyone to be clear about what needs to be done/can be done
  • there will be times to meet and get to know each other better and everything
  • there will be times (and even training!) dedicated to listening, letting go of pressure etc
  • there will be workcamps in chosen mixity
  • .

  • there will be a “give what you can” price, which should be around 3-4 euros per day
  • there will even be cool evenings
  • .

  • and other things too…!

If you want to help preparing the camp, propose a workshop or participate in the setting up of the camp from August 9th to 16th, you can send e-mail to: mobilisation-rayonnante (at) riseup [dot] net. Here’s the PGP key if needed.

Call for tools & equipment

We’re launching a call for tools, equipment and other material for this summer. Watch out, the list will be evolving!

  • electrical material (especially solar panels)

  • construction material (beams, boards, pallets)

  • water tanks

  • lighting (especially led)

Let us know if you can bring any material with you, or if you can hook us up!


During the camp

Translation / Interpretation

We would like to have a team that can interpret in the following langages : french / english / german / italian.

If you’ve never done this before, don’t panic, there are tools and a team to help with this.

This is what it means to be part of the interpreting team at the camp :
– attend a daily meeting of the interpretation team. This meeting will be used to allocate the different interpreting tasks for the following day. It will also provide an opportunity to give feedback, check that things are going well and adjust the way the interpreting is done.
– Have a « public » role . You will have to be in a specific space that is visible to everyone. Also, you will sometimes have to speak up to describe how the interpretation works or intervene in case of problems.
– accept some unexpected situations: an other interpreter needs to be replaced on an interpretation, a power cut, a non-French speaking person gets injured and you have to translate for the ambulance service.

What interpreting does not involve is this:
– feel obliged to perform all the workshops
– be part of the camp organisation
– have to be present from the beginning to the end of the camp

If you would like to discuss this in advance or offer your help, please contact us at passion-traduction (at) Here’s our PGP key if needed.


After the camp

After the camp, well, we’ll have to tidy up! Breaking camp will start on Thursday, August 26th, and your help will be welcome!